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Can not create a CustomTrigger!


I want to registe an one time task ,so I try to use customTrigger.
But I failed to create customTrigger by the code like :
CustomTrigger custTrigger = (CustomTrigger)CustomTrigger.CreateTrigger(TaskTriggerType.Custom);
the returned value is null!
I import your dll by NuGet ,and the version is 2.5.26

Look forward to your reply!
Closed Jun 8 at 3:27 PM by dahall
CustomTrigger is a read-only trigger and cannot be used to create a new trigger. Please read the documentation under the Documentation area, specifically all the detail for creating triggers. You should be using a TimeTrigger.


fellowming wrote Jun 9 at 3:19 AM

TimeTrigger works for me.
Many Thanks