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Unit Test not possible due to Lib


In a project where i am using the TaskScheduler Lib i cannot create an Unit test becuase of the CS0433 error

The type <type> exists in both DLLs

This is because i need to fake the System.dll but cannot, because your lib is implementing the IReadOnlyCollection and IReadOnlyList with the same namespace..

Is there any way to fix this issue?
Closed Aug 5 at 6:26 PM by dahall


dahall wrote Jul 24 at 3:16 PM

Those interfaces are only defined in the builds for the library that are compiled with versions of the .NET framework that do not yet support them (pre 4.5). In the .zip file, or the NuGet package, use the 4.5.2 compiled version of the library and you will not find those interfaces implemented.

wrote Aug 5 at 6:26 PM