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Scheduled task not running in Windows 10 creators update

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Jul 19 at 2:36 PM
I am the author of AJC Sync and I have been using an earlier version of this library. I started getting customers contacting me saying that after Windows 10 Creators update their scheduled tasks stopped running. The solution seemed to be to edit the task directly and change the "Configure for" option to say "Windows 10".

Firstly I wonder why when you create a new task it does not default to Windows 10 but says "Windows Vista Windows Server 2008". What does the option mean anyway?

I tried the latest version of this library but it is still the same.

Is anyone else having this problem and is there a way to make it default to Windows 10?
Jul 20 at 4:15 PM
The library, unlike the native implementation in the "Task Scheduler" applet, will report the minimum library required to support the features of the task. In your case, my guess is that your task has only a few, older options, so it can be supported on Windows Vista and later regardless of which OS is used to create the task.
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